Briefly simply and seamlessly integrates with your ActionStep content to view, sort and organise your matter documents. You needed it, so we built it. Giving you a fast but powerful way to view all your content is our mission.

Why Briefly?

Preview in One List

Preview all your ActionStep matter documents (PDF, images and Microsoft Office documents), emails, email attachments and file notes in a single, customisable list.

Merge and Split

Compile up to 100 matter documents into a single file. Extract individual pages or a range of pages with Briefly’s built-in Merge and Split features.

Share via Secure Link

Generate a secure link to share your matter document(s) outside of your organisation.

Mass* Download

Select and download up to 100 of your Actionstep matter documents, emails, and file notes in just one click!

Prefix a timestamp to the file names of your downloaded files to easily compile briefs, indexes and go paperless.

Mobile View

Preview a document in your phone or tablet anytime or anywhere.

New Feature Incoming

e-Discovery (Coming)

Search and view the contents of all your matter files and documents from a single search box (coming soon).

Get To Know Briefly

Focus on fundamentals

Our mission is to be the best preview system for ActionStep users. That means we focus on the fundamentals, like a practical and familiar interface, customisable views, and deep integration.

Speed, speed and more speed

Speed is everything. We know your time is precious so we are constantly improving the time it takes to preview your documents, file notes and emails on the fly.

Simple is the best

We wanted to build a product that didn’t need a manual. Briefly is so easy to use that it looks just like a file explorer (but better).

Stay in the zone

While we value simplicity, we also value depth. You can review, merge, split, download, share and more, all inside of Briefly. You can focus and stay focused.

Cancel your subscriptions

We hate multiple subscriptions as much as you do. Adobe, Bundle Docs, NetDocs, and others can all be replaced by a single Briefly subscription.

Room to grow

We’re constantly thinking of new ideas to make your work easier. Like our upcoming e-discovery tool to search the contents of all your documents from a single search box.

This is a function that enhances Actionstep's document functionality and is offered free for all Actionstep users.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: As Briefly is now released and offered to all users for free, we’re no longer actively working on new features for this app. We will continue to monitor and maintain the health of Briefly while we’re working on other projects.

A: The staff at Briefly have a long history in the legal tech space and law firm management and after trying many legal practice management solutions we settled on Actionstep. Actionstep uniquely encourages custom built integrations and truly provides a platform that allows law firms to take their automation and technology to the next level.

A: No, the team at the Legal Tech Company here have spent years building custom solutions for law firms. After talks with a few law firms and directly with Actionstep, we decided to release one of our most requested tools, the Briefly previewer, to the public.

A: Briefly is a tool released by the Legal Tech Company. The team at the Legal Tech Company have built custom automations for legal and accounting firms. We specialise in building tools that have a tangible benefit to firm’s bottom lines. We tackle annoying problems and focus on creating less work for users rather changing how they work. In fact, just one of our clients have saved over AUD$2 million in admin costs by adopting automation and standardised legal process across the organisation.

Allowing your staff to do more meaningful work that improves the quality of service for your clients is our goal.

A: You can sign in with your Actionstep credentials.

A: When you log into the Briefly, you grant access and consent for Briefly to temporarily access specific parts of your Actionstep data. Briefly will not and can not access your Actionstep data unless you complete the login process.

You are also able to revoke the access at any time by signing out of the Briefly app, or by simply not clicking Grant Access at the sign-in.

A: When, the app is launched, Briefly fetches a basic list of your matters for you to select from. Once you open a matter, Briefly will fetch the matter’s relevant files for you – documents, emails and file notes, so that you can browse through and preview them.

As you preview and perform other operations on your documents (e.g. split, merge, download), Briefly will fetch those documents on demand.

A: The pre-conversion feature enables Briefly to speed up your document previewing even more by starting the conversion in the background after you open a matter. After a few minutes processing, you’ll find most documents are already converted and can be previewed nearly instantly.

Note this is limited only to the matters you open in Briefly and if you log out from Briefly, then all background conversion is instantly stopped.

A: Briefly uses the ActionStep API to obtain lists of matters, documents, emails, and file notes.

When users select an item, which can be previewed without conversion, such as a PDF or image file, Briefly will display it in your browser without any storage.

When users select a Microsoft office file, Briefly converts it into PDF on the fly and displays in your browser. During this conversion, the original file and the converted PDF file are temporarily stored in Briefly’s storage, which is safely hosted in Google Cloud Storage. The temporary files are deleted shortly after the conversion.

A: Briefly does not store your Actionstep documents in its storage, except Microsoft Office documents for the purpose of conversion to PDF.

The temporary files created during the conversion are stored in the same region where you are connected. Currently, Briefly has its servers and storage in Australia, UK, and US.

If you are outside these regions, you will be automatically connected to the region that has the lowest latency. If you are from the jurisdiction that prohibits transferring documents outside of your jurisdiction, please do not use Briefly until Briefly launches service in your region.

A: You can request support from the menu in the Briefly app. This request support function will provide essential information that is required to diagnose the issue to the Briefly Preview development team.

You can also send an email to [email protected].

A: Your browser may have the setting to download instead of preview.

To change this in Chrome navigate to Settings > Privacy and security > Site settings > Additional content settings > PDF documents.

In “Default behavior” Choose the option “Open PDF in Chrome”.