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our mission

we want to use technology to allow anyone to create the same polished legal documents you expect – just faster, smarter and better 

briefly background

it has been said that necessity is the mother of invention.

australian law firms – like firms across the world – are operating in a time of profound change.  

clients increasingly expect their lawyers to deliver services faster – and for less. 

anyone who’s ever worked in a law firm knows the significant time and effort that goes into the preparation of legal briefs. scanning documents. finding documents. labelling documents. paginating documents. the printing (oh the printing!). finding a courier. 

enter briefly. we saw the potential of AI and machine learning to make large manual tasks like brief preparation a click-button job.  

while there are lots of products claiming to help with the manual tasks, we know that busy lawyers don’t necessarily have time to become tech experts, or put their staff through endless training on new software. sometimes, it may seem easier to stay the same than to make change. 

technological tools are here to make our lives easier. that includes lawyers!

we want to empower law firms to be faster, smarter and better. 

the briefly team has worked closely with legal experts to identify all of the main pain points involved in preparing legal briefs. we then used the latest in legal AI and machine learning to create a user-friendly solution that any legal firm can apply cheaply and easily. 

briefly diversity statement

join the accessibility revolution. 

accessible legal software products like briefly empower law firms to create more diverse workplaces. 

we want briefly to be accessible to everyone. this is central to our diversity and inclusion mission, which unites and drives the briefly team. 

ensuring that all people can use sophisticated legal tech at the click of a button means maintaining an unrelenting focus on accessibility.

briefly innovation statement

briefly represents the endless potential for technology to revolutionise traditional fields like the law. 

time-consuming, cumbersome – but very important – tasks like generating briefs get us excited. we know it doesn’t need to be that way! 

at briefly, we get excited about empowering individuals and businesses to bridge the tech divide.

this happens when they find really great products that are easy to use. 

that’s why briefly is under constant development to ensure that it’s always getting faster, smarter and better.