How to setup an “Open in Briefly” link within your Actionstep data panel.

This short guide will walk you through setting up an “Open in Briefly” quick link in one of your Actionstep data panels, so you can quickly navigate to the same matter in Briefly.

  1. First, log into Actionstep with an account that can manage your Matter Types, and is able to modify data panel configuration. This would typically be a manager or admin account. You should see Admin next to Log out in the top right. If you don’t see Admin here, you may need to use a different account.

  2. Click Admin, and navigate through the windows to the Matter Type you want to add the Briefly quick link to. If you want to add the link to multiple Matter Types, just follow the same steps with each Matter Type.

  3. With the desired Matter Type selected, click Matter data to start configuring the data panels. Then, choose the data collection you want to add the quick link to, and press Fields. In our case, “Quick Summary”

  4. Finally, add the quick link to the panel using Create New Field, with the following configuration:
    Name: brieflylink (or any other name)
    Data type: Custom HTML (note that changing Data Type may clear the Description field)
    Description: <a href="[[Action_ID]]" target="_blank">Open in Briefly Preview</a>
    Label: Open in Briefly (or any other label)

  5. Done! Visit one of your matters of the newly configured panel, and test out the link by clicking it. It should open your matter in Briefly in a new browser tab. You can also enable the panel to show in the matter homepage to use the link without having to open the panel first!

Your matter opened in Briefly via quick link


If you’re having trouble getting the link to appear or work, please check if your problem appears below.

Problem: The admin button doesn’t appear, or you can’t modify matter types / data panels.
Solution: Check whether your account has the necessary privileges. If not, ask within your team for an account that does have access.

Problem: The link doesn’t appear in the data panel on the matter
Solution: Within the matter, edit the data panel, and then save it without making it any changes. This will prompt AS to generate the link if it is missing.

If you’re still having trouble, you can contact us for assistance using the form below.