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review your matters efficiently. briefly combines all your documents, emails, and file notes in a single list.

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get straight down to business with briefly. briefly is super easy to use and integrates with Actionstep

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Preview Documents, Emails, File Notes in One List
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briefly offers free trial until 30th September 2022

frequently asked questions

A: You can sign in with your Actionstep credentials.

A: Briefly is currently offering free service until 30th September 2022. In order to continue to use briefly you need to subscribe with small monthly fees. 

Q: You can pay the monthly subscription fees with a credit card or paypal.

Briefly uses ActionStep API to obtain lists of matters, documents, emails, and file notes.

When users select an item, which can be previewed without conversion, such as a PDF or image file, Briefly download it to their browser through the API and directly display it in the previewer.  For an email or file note, Briefly obtain it through API, and display it after formatting in html. These items are not stored in Briefly storage. 

When users select a Microsoft office file, Briefly converts it into PDF on the fly and displays in the browser. During this conversion, the original file and the converted PDF file are temporarily stored in Briefly’s storage, which is safely hosted in Google Cloud Storage. The temporary files are deleted shortly after the conversion.

A: Briefly does not store your Actionstep documents in its storage except Microsoft Office documents for the purpose of conversion to PDF. The temporary files created during the conversion are stored in the same region where you are connected from. Currently, Briefly has its servers and storage in Australia, UK, and US. 

If you are outside these regions, you will be automatically connected to the region that has the lowest latency. If you are from the jurisdiction that prohibits transferring documents outside of your jurisdiction, please do not use Briefly until Briefly launches service in your region. 

A: You can request support from the menu in the Briefly app. This request support function will provide essential information that is required to diagnose the issue to the Briefly Preview development team. 

You can also send an email to [email protected].