what is briefly?

briefly produces amazing legal briefs, just like you or your staff would - it's just faster, smarter and better. briefly is a legal brief generation tool that will power up your current legal practice management platform.  briefly uses AI and machine learning to file and rename your documents, and then use that information to generate your briefs in a matter of minutes.

briefly does all the work required to create briefs. briefly compiles multiple files and document types - from a range of different programs, into a single PDF document. each brief created is automatically ordered, formatted, paginated and an index is automatically generated. 

barristers' briefs
(briefs to counsel)

medical briefs
(briefs to doctors)

and the rest...

experience briefly in 60 seconds

briefly capabilities

briefly organises

with briefly, legal briefs and other tasks requiring document organisation become a breeze. briefly organises your files so that everything you need to create your brief is in a single workspace - and then uses that information to create briefs.

briefly integrates

briefly brings in documents from multiple sources and makes them available to be managed in a uniform environment. briefly intelligently detects duplicates and allows you to merge or split documents.

briefly generates

briefly generates polished legal briefs at the click of a button that you can send, print or update. the best thing? every time you create a brief, briefly gets faster and better!

briefly features

briefly's AI automatically recognises documents, categorises them, labels them and triggers response actions - automating manual tasks

indexing, paginating and hyperlinks are super simple

changes and reformatting are applied instantly across your brief

have internet? you can access your brief anywhere, anytime

upload various document types, and download completed briefs as you need

we get that your briefing needs might look a little different depending on your jurisdiction. don't worry - briefly can work across any jurisdiction

briefly creates a digital workspace. collaborate with ease. team team members can view and edit briefs together

electronically send completed briefs to third parties, like doctors or counsel. still need to print? you can do that too.

every time you use briefly is easier than the last. briefly learns how to prepare briefs, and does the work for you. it's how you like to do briefs - just faster, smarter, better.

how it works

step 1: integrate

upload files into briefly from wherever they are being stored. are the documents for your brief in a range of different formats or programs? maybe you have important things sitting in your inbox. don’t worry. briefly integrates with all your favourite programs and apps, including your existing practice management software. 

step 2: organise

we all have different naming approaches and protocols. maybe you don’t even name things properly at all (looking at you, scanned pdf ‘092856038’!) it’s all good. once you click the button and give it the go ahead, briefly’s AI identifies and names or renames each document in a matter of minutes.

step 3: generate

once you’ve opened your matter in briefly, and it has integrated and organised your files and documents, it’s time to generate your brief. briefly will generate a polished brief, complete with table of contents and pagination. it’s the same brief you’d usually create – just much, much quicker.  need to make changes after this point? 

step 4: share

once you’ve generated a brief, you can share it straight away. need a physical copy? easy. you can also print your briefly brief.