why choose briefly?

briefly benefits

why does your business need briefly? briefly brings game-changing AI directly to your workplace to save you time, money and resources when it comes to preparing legal briefs. the best part? it’s a breeze to use

prepare any kind of legal brief in as little as 5 minutes

if you have a large legal briefing task, you need briefly. briefly's AI assist rapidly organises and integrates files and documents from a range of different places.

got specific needs? briefly can create bespoke briefs tailored to your requirements.

turbocharge productivity and focus on high value work

it's scary how much time and effort can go into manual tasks like preparing briefs.
if you're not using briefly, your losing valuable productivity.

stop wasting time and money on staff to do the same jobs over and over again. leave briefs to briefly!

collaborate and communicate in a secure and cohesive workspace

staff working from home? no problem. with briefly, you can choose who you team up with to create, edit, bundle and deliver - remotely.
briefly creates a digital workspace, making seamless collaboration and communication easy. don’t spend hours jumping between programs, or duplicating tasks. just leave it to briefly!

the briefly difference

there are a range of legal tech solutions in the marketplace. however, many of them are tricky to use, and require significant ongoing training and expensive IT support. generic document management tools are often not suitable for the specific needs of the legal profession.

enter briefly.

it is specifically developed for lawyers, and generating legal briefs. it’s super easy to use, with zero coding required. if your staff can download briefly, they can use briefly.

on top of that? briefly gets faster, smarter and better every time that you use it.

without briefly

with briefly

AI for everyone with no tech knowledge required

some document management products claim to be easy to use - and turn out to be anything but. some even require you to have coding experience!

briefly is different. effortlessly get the latest in AI in your workplace. briefly offers sleek, intelligent automation that anyone can use.

best of all, briefly gets smarter and more intuitive every time it’s accessed.

integrate with your favourites

as you know, the documents that go into a brief sit in a range of different programs and places. briefly is incredibly flexible, and integrates with your favourite document management tools like Google Drive, One Drive, Actionstep, Dropbox.

want to know if it will integrate with your preferred document management tools? just ask!

send with confidence

save on printing and courier costs. with briefly, you can send large briefs quickly and securely with the click of a button. worried your experts won’t accept electronic briefs? don’t stress! briefly’s 1 click print feature allows you to print an indexed and numbered brief with a push of the button.

who needs briefly?

briefly was developed specifically for lawyers. 

for years, creating legal briefs has been a time consuming, repetitive task that saw legal professionals spend hours ordering, formatting, numbering and creating an index for their brief.

over and over again.

briefly solves this problem in a flash.

briefly for beginners

setting up a new firm or office? you need briefly. your beautiful briefs will make people think that you have an office full of staff - while you focus on bringing business in the door.

briefly for bigger firms

every professional services firm needs briefly. it integrates perfectly with your practice management software and any other programs you're using. if your firm is frequently preparing legal briefs, get in touch – we can give you a demo of how briefly can work for your firm, right down to the time and money briefly will save you!

briefly enterprise

do you have specific document management requirements? put briefly to the test. briefly is under active development. if you would like us to integrate with more of your favourite document management tools, just ask!